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State Deadlines


Use the table below to check the due dates for state tax returns and tax extensions. You can also find out how to check on the status of your state tax refund.

StateState Return Due DateState Extension Due DateState Return Due Date After ExtensionCheck State Refund Status
Alabama04/18/201704/18/201710/16/2017Alabama Status
AlaskaNo AK state return due dateNo AK state extension due dateNo AK state return due date after extensionAlaska, no state income tax
Arizona04/18/201704/18/201710/16/2017Arizona Status
Arkansas04/18/201704/18/201710/16/2017Arkansas Status
California04/18/201704/18/201710/16/2017California Status
Colorado04/18/201704/18/201710/16/2017Colorado Status
Connecticut04/18/201704/18/201710/16/2017Connecticut Status
Delaware04/30/201704/30/201710/16/2017Delaware Status
District of Columbia04/18/201704/18/201710/16/2017Washington, D.C. Status
FloridaNo FL state return due dateNo FL state extension due dateNo FL state return due date after extensionFlorida, no state income tax
Georgia04/18/201704/18/201710/16/2017Georgia Status
Hawaii04/20/201704/20/201710/20/2017Hawaii Status
Idaho04/18/201704/18/201710/16/2017Idaho Status
Illinois04/18/201704/18/201710/16/2017Illinois Status
Indiana04/18/201704/18/201711/15/2017 (with Federal Extension) – 6/17/2017 (with Form IT-9)Indiana Status
Iowa05/01/201705/01/201710/31/2017Iowa Status
Kansas04/18/201704/18/201710/16/2017Kansas Status
Kentucky04/18/201704/18/201710/16/2017Kentucky Status
Louisiana05/15/201705/15/201711/15/2017Louisiana Status
Maine04/18/201704/18/201710/16/2017Maine Status
Maryland04/18/201704/18/201710/16/2017Maryland Status
Massachusetts04/18/201704/18/201710/16/2017Massachusetts Status
Michigan04/18/201704/18/201710/16/2017Michigan Status
Minnesota04/18/201704/18/201710/16/2017Minnesota Status
Mississippi04/18/201704/18/201710/16/2017Mississippi Status
Missouri04/18/201704/18/201710/16/2017Missouri Status
Montana04/18/201704/18/201710/16/2017Montana Status
Nebraska04/18/201704/18/201710/16/2017Nebraska Status
NevadaNo NV state return due dateNo NV state extension due dateNo NV state return due date after extensionNevada, no state income tax
New HampshireNo NH state return due dateNo NH state extension due dateNo NH state return due date after extensionNew Hampshire, no general income tax
New Jersey04/18/201704/18/201710/16/2017New Jersey Status
New Mexico04/18/201704/18/201710/16/2017New Mexico Status
New York04/18/201704/18/201710/16/2017New York Status
North Carolina04/18/201704/18/201710/16/2017North Carolina Status
North Dakota04/18/201704/18/201710/16/2017North Dakota Status
Ohio04/18/201704/18/201710/16/2017Ohio Status
Oklahoma04/18/201704/18/201710/16/2017Oklahoma Status
Oregon04/18/201704/18/201710/16/2017Oregon Status
Pennsylvania04/18/201704/18/201710/16/2017Pennsylvania Status
Rhode Island04/18/201704/18/201710/16/2017Rhode Island Status
South Carolina04/18/201704/18/201710/16/2017South Carolina Status
South DakotaNo SD state return due dateNo SD state extension due dateNo SD state return due date after extensionSouth Dakota, no state income tax
TennesseeNo TN state return due dateNo TN state extension due dateNo TN state return due date after extensionTennessee, no general income tax
TexasNo TX state return due dateNo TX state extension due dateNo TX state return due date after extensionTexas, no state income tax
Utah04/18/201704/18/201710/16/2017Utah Status
Vermont04/18/201704/18/201710/16/2017Vermont Status
Virginia05/01/201705/01/201711/01/2017Virginia Status
WashingtonNo WA state return due dateNo WA state extensionNo WA state return due date after extensionWashington, no state income tax
West Virginia04/18/201704/18/201710/16/2017West Virginia Status
Wisconsin04/18/201704/18/201710/16/2017Wisconsin Status
WyomingNo WY state return due dateNo WY state extensionNo WY state return due date after extensionWyoming, no state income tax


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