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March 22, 2017

Have you ever made a certain dish or knitted someone a scarf that everyone said you could sell those and make a fortune? Well, there’s always the possibility of that happening one day, but do you have what it takes?

Here are three questions that you must first ask yourself when considering opening a business of your own:

Do I have a product or service that I can provide that the market is in demand for?

First the biggest question to tackle is: do you have something to offer? Are you really good at fixing up cars and think that you could compete with companies in the area? Or do you think your pizza is the best pizza around and want to turn that into a profit? Once you’ve answered those questions, you’ve got a really good head start toward starting up your business.


Have a plan on how to deliver that product or service while remaining profitable


Having a plan is one of the most essential parts of owning and running your business. Having a good product or service is not good enough to run a successful business. You must be just as, if not more competitive than the people around you, you must be at the best location to supply your demand, and you must be able to have the supply for the demand of your product.



Things take time, things don’t always happen the way you want them to, and life isn’t fair. BUT that doesn’t mean you should feel down or discouraged. Even the most successful companies took years to get to where they are now. Make sure you follow the steps to a successful business as discussed earlier and one day it will happen for you when it’s meant to happen.

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