Business Formation

  • Articles of Incorporation

  • Establishment of federal tax ID number

  •  Wholesale license registration (if applicable)

  •  Ensure compliance with your state

  •  Corporate or LLC Kit

  • Personalized Binder: Corporate name foil stamped on the binder spine with a Matching Slipcase

  •  Personalized Corporate Seal: This seal is custom finished to include your company name, state, and year of incorporation, and can be stored inside the binder in its carry pouch.

  •  Index Tabs: Mylar-coated, easy-to-use tabs for your Corp or LLC Kit

  • Transfer Ledger: 8-page alphabetized transfer ledger

  •  20 Personalized Certificates: These elegantly designed numbered security certificates contain your company name and state of incorporation and are printed on the finest security paper available.

  •  Minutes and Bylaws: Includes 50 blank pages, or printed minutes and bylaws or an operating agreement.

  •  Forms: Also included in your Standard LLC or corporate Kit are F.I.N. application forms and S-election forms.


  • Let us manage and reconcile your daily spending accounts to ensure tax compliance, while you focus on running the day-to-day in-house demands of your business. Our accountants will categorize and track income and expenses within your accounts. ATG provides your entity with financial suggestions with intent to maximize tax deductions and profitability via monthly/quarterly/annual financial statements. ATG can also provide the following services as needed

  •  Working Budget

  •  Manage Accounts Receivable

  •  Manage Accounts Payable

  • Employee Expense Tracking

  •  Payroll Management

Accounting Via CFO

  • ATG can provide Financial Reviews, Forecasting, KPI (Key Performance Indicators), Revenue Recognition, Company Overall Performance Analysis, Customized Department Reports, build stronger Bank Relationships, and insight on Cash-Flow Management. By allowing ATG the role of virtual CFO, we act as a diplomat to third parties


  • Individual 

  • Regular                                                $300    

  • Student                                                $150

  • Business

  • LLC                                                     $500+    

  • Sole Proprietorship                              $500+

  • Corporation                                         $875+      

  • Non- Profit                                          $250+

Business Tax Form
  • Tax Planning                                    $150/hour

  • Every successful business was built with a set of goals in mind. Tax planning helps businesses achieve their goals. ATG helps provide business owners with a focused plan that highlights areas where they can lower their taxable income and gain more control of when taxes are paid, all the while, reducing the rate of tax altogether. Here at ATG, we want you to be successful in accomplishing all your business goals.

  • NC E500: Sales & Use Tax                   $100/Return

  • Prepared Food and Beverage              $100/ Return                   

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