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If you are a small business owner, then this question is mainly directed at you. The answer is yes, and you actually maybe even need both a bookkeeper AND an accountant!

An Accountant overlooks the big picture. They deal with the profit and loss statements and file a company’s taxes.They also act as advisers to you for professional opinions and suggestions to help grow your company more. An accountant makes sense of all the financial data gathered by bookkeepers and they are able to take that information and turn it into decision making tools in order to help you make a profit. While you may be good at doing these things on your own, it’s worth it to save the time and money by devoting more time to the core of your business.

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With that being said…

A Bookkeeper overlooks day to day tasks within the small business. They file payroll, submit invoices, pay the bills, and reconcile bank and credit card statements. They also track company purchases, receipts, sales, and payments, and records them for when tax season comes around to make things quicker and easier for you and your accountant. These tasks are a little more tedious and time consuming and definitely should be handled by a professional bookkeeper to not only save you time and money, but also to help ensure that your business is successful.

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Now that you know the differences between the two services and the benefits of having them in your business, you should look into finding a bookkeeper and accountant in your area to help with those pesky tasks, while you stay focused on your core business function.

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