Bookkeeping is a subfield of accounting, which deals with the processing and interpretation of all types of financial information. It’s an ongoing recording of the business’ daily transactions and does not deal with auditing, taxes, or other types of accounting. However, the reports bookkeepers generate are the foundation for all other accounting activities and help accountants and managers do their jobs.

Let ATG manage and reconcile your daily spending accounts to ensure tax compliance, while you focus on running the day-to-day in-house demands of your business. Our accountants will categorize and track income and expenses within your accounts. ATG provides your entity with financial suggestions with intent to maximize tax deductions and profitability via monthly/ quarterly/ annual financial statements.

ATG can also provide the following services as needed:

  • Working budget

  • Manage Accounts Receivables

  • Manage Accounts Payables’

  • Employee Expense Tracking

  • Payroll Management

Bookkeeping is charged at an hourly rate of $75 

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