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Tax Services

ATG Advisors offer tax services within tax compliance according to US law. Effectively managing corporate and individual taxes gets complicated over time because of increasing penalties and stringent regulations. Tax authorities in the US are tightening regulations, which means increased enforcement and penalties in case of noncompliance.


Our company offers a range of tax services in Charlotte, including tax filing, tax audit representation, and also expat taxation. Companies and individuals who may be working overseas and are required to pay tax on their foreign earnings can benefit from our services as an ex-IRS agent with years of taxation experience will do your taxes.

Who better than the IRS knows the tax laws inside out?


We specialize in the US taxation structure and have complete knowledge of relevant regulations. We will provide you with time saving and hassle-free tax compliance strategies while minimizing your tax liability.

We provide you tax advice and strategies beforehand which will help you maintain compliance with the regulations and tightening IRS disclosure requirements. It will also help you take advantage of tax-saving opportunities in the form of tax credits and exemptions.


Our years of experience guarantee we can provide clients with sophisticated solutions related to managing your taxes while mitigating risk. Our main goal is to guarantee compliance by informing you of the various reporting requirements you need to meet but may not be aware of.

Our tax services agency makes the process simple for filing your tax returns and we stay up to date with changes in tax laws and regulations to serve our clients in the best possible way.

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