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Payroll Services

Payroll Services in Charlotte NC

Payroll Services

At ATG Advisors, we are payroll experts. The payroll services we offer include employee payment methods, such as direct deposit, checks, and e-payments as well as setting up a payroll for new employees.

We also offer a wide range of HR related payroll services. Our exceptional customer service staff provides small and growing businesses as well as established businesses with affordable payroll solutions.

Payroll Services

Payroll is not just about paying employees. Several parts of your business are interconnected with payroll functions. It makes for easier compliance…. You will not have to go through the hassle of managing employees’ withholding for health insurance. We provide solutions to better integrate payroll functions and data with human resource management.

Our payroll services involve organizing payroll data, reporting and filing taxes. Our team of professionals will take care of taxation, wage calculations, which may include reimbursements, bonuses, compensation for overtime or wage deductions, and holiday pay. We take care of all the paperwork including recordkeeping and editing employee files for new employees. We deliver payroll checks while maintaining compliance with tax laws.

There are federal, state and local payroll taxes to comply with so you cannot manage the employee payroll all by yourself. Leave all these matters to us and we will make the task simpler for you by calculating the wages and all the taxes will be paid on your behalf by our professionals so you have more time for yourself and your company’s core activities.

We stand out as we offer both expertise and competitive pricing. Our strict policies and guidelines will protect your company and employee privacy, including financial data and social security numbers. Contact us today if you need payroll services in Charlotte.

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