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Business Valuations

Business Valuations in North Carolina

Business Valuations

Business valuation is gaining importance and third party valuation for company appraisal is advised. This is where we, at ATG Advisors, come in. Our professionals will not only determine your company's value but will also advise you on how to boost your business’ value.


You need to have a business valued before selling or buying as you will need the data beforehand of the prices prevailing in the market and the factors which influence the price. With our team of professionals doing the work for you, you can get a higher purchase price compared to if you did not have your business valuation done by an expert.

We carefully analyze the market trends in the industry in which you operate to get a bigger picture.

Valuation requires a detailed analysis of the company as well as the industry and economy in which it is operating so you can make informed decisions before buying or selling.

Valuation involves analysis of tax returns, financial data and financial statement, while analyzing business risk factors and the overall economic environment, industry trends and potential risk factors.

We will reach a conclusive value only after careful analysis of operational and industry risk factors by our team.

Our detailed reports include the company profile, the industry risk factors and market positioning. We will also assess the current trends in your industry and assess how your business can benefit from them to bolster value.

Our professionals employ a range of business valuation methods from which we determine the best one to apply according to the company needs. Our years of experience in the market enable us to understand all financial and operational aspects of a client’s company enables us to reach accurate valuation conclusions.

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